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Advanced Live Update ActiveX Control  v.2 51

Advanced Live Update Control makes an easy way to add an Online Update feature for your software.

MSI Live Update  v.5.0.059

MSI Live Update is a Online update BIOS / Driver / Firmware / Utility for MSI Mainboards. Live Monitor auto-detects and suggests the latest BIOS / Driver / Utilities information.Live Update is a strong update tool with user-friendly interface,


HouseHold Accounting for Windows

HouseHold Accounting for Windows is a personal finance product designed for home users or a small business. It does bookkeeping for your financial accounts. The program has many functions including: Tracks Account Balances, Transfers between Accounts,

Perfect Secretary ® Deluxe  v.8 5

PS 2012 includes full Internet support features including the Live Update feature, incredible graphic capabilities, quick upload of standing sheets.

Iasis Free EMR-EHR Practice Management  v.

Appointments, Reminders, Intra-messaging system,Natural Values,Charts and all other common tasks (Live UpDate, BackUp, Restore, Files Maintenance etc) are included, plus the fact that all specialities supported through [Iasis Medical Schemes] and

NetSend P2P IM  v.1.5.3

The Graphical P2P Collaborate Tools for the Windows "net send".1.Auto detect the neighborhood host.2.Buddy management.3.Easy message reply.4.Message history record.5.Live update.6.Simple file transfer. A P2P software to help you with your work.

@BIOS  v.2.12 B11.0519.1

The first Windows BIOS live update utility. Besides, no matter which mainboard you are using, if it's a Gigabyte's product, @BIOS help you to maintain the BIOS.

MeaCurrencyRate  v.

Get the current Currency Rate and pin a tile with live update function,

AppLife Update  v.

An updating framework for developers to Quickly add application updating features. Once enabled, deployed applications are Easily maintained by creating updates using 'Update Actions'. Licensed per update builder, NOT developer.

Power Mac G5 Firmware Update  v.5.1.4

This firmware update provides changes for initializing and running your Power Mac G5.

Xserve G5 Firmware Update  v.5.1.7f1

About Xserve G5 Firware Update (Version 5.

ASUS Update Utility  v.7.17.09

The ASUS Update is an utility that allows you to save, manage and update the motherboard BIOS in Windows environment.The ASUS Update utility allows you to:* Save the current BIOS file * Download the latest BIOS file from the Internet * Update the

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